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How to Renew Your Oregon Real Estate License

For continuing education to qualify for license renewal, the education must be delivered by a Certified Continuing Education Provider and be time-monitored. Use only ethical and trustworthy education providers like OnlineEd to make sure your license is renewed on time.

OnlineEd Announces FREE 3-hour Course Explaining the New Oregon 2016 Residential Sale Agreement

Jeff SorgJeff Sorg is a co-founder of OnlineEd®, an online real estate, mortgage broker, and vocational school founded in 1997, where he also serves as Chief Executive Officer, and School Director. Sorg holds vocational and post-secondary school instructor licenses in several states and has authored numerous real estate continuing education and pre-licensing courses and has

Real Estate Brokers Are You Ready? Time is Running Out to Learn About TRID!

TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules just one month away By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog PORTLAND, Ore. (September 4, 2015) – With the new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rules less than one month away, it’s time for real estate brokers in every state to learn what they need to know about the new rules, how to explain the new

TILA – RESPA Integrated Disclosure – Part 5 of 5: Special Information Booklet

Special Information Booklet  (Part 5 of 5) (Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – A creditor must provide the special information booklet, specifically the RESPA Settlement Costs Booklet, to the consumer who applies for a consumer credit transaction secured by real property no later than three business days after receiving the consumer’s loan application. The booklet does not have

TILA – RESPA Integrated Disclosure – Part 4 of 5: Curing Tolerances

Curing Tolerances  (Part 4 of 5) (Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – On the Loan Estimate, certain charges are not subject to a tolerance limitation. This means that the amount charged the consumer may exceed the amount disclosed on the Loan Estimate by any amount. Examples of these charges are: Prepaid interest, property insurance premiums, amounts placed into escrow,

TILA – RESPA Integrated Disclosure – Part 3 of 5: The Closing Disclosure Form

The New Closing Disclosure Form (Part 3 of 5) (Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – The Closing Disclosure integrates and replaces the final Truth-in-Lending disclosures and the RESPA HUD-1. In general, the Closing Disclosure sets forth the actual terms and costs of the transaction. The Closing Disclosure must be in writing and contain all of the information required. In

TILA – RESPA Integrated Disclosure – Part 2of 5: The Loan Estimate Form

The New Loan Estimate Form (Part 2 of 5) (Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – The Loan Estimate is a three-page form that replaces the initial Truth-in-Lending disclosure and the RESPA Good Faith Estimate (GFE). The purpose of this new form is to provide consumers with a good faith estimate of credit costs and transaction terms in simple

The New TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure – Part 1of 5: Summary and Background

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is requiring the use of a new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure as of October 3, 2015 (Part 1 of 5) (Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is requiring the use of a new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure as of October 3, 2015. In 2012, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street

NAR President Cautions Closings Could Drag From Coming Changes to Real Estate Closings

(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – NAR President Chris Polychron, recently cautioned that closings for some home sales could drag after October 3, 2015as the real estate industry transitions to the new closing procedures required by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s integrated disclosure rule. “There likely will be bumps in the closing process while all parties get used to the

Free 3-hour “Current Issues in WA Real Estate” course for Washington Real Estate License Renewal

(OnlineEd – Portland, OR) – Try us for absolutely free! No strings or gimmicks: Click here to sign up for a free 3-hour “Current Issues” course Washington real estate licensees are required to take 30 hours of continuing education for Washington real estate broker license renewal, including a 3 hour “Current Issues in Washington Real